Sunday, May 11, 2008

En Guarde!

A long-time friend invited me to go to the Pasadena Convention Center for the Pacific Coast Fencing Championships. This was a "super-regional" competition, meaning anybody inside or outside the Pacific Coast region could attend and compete. He went with his son, and they both competed, singly and with the club (team) they're in.

The picture isn't very good, but still pictures don't do justice to the speed and dynamics of fencing. I also shot a lot of video, but haven't edited that down yet. Will post an update to links when the video is done.

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chuck goolsbee said...

Believe it or not, I fenced in college. Wonderful sport, NOTHING at all like it is portrayed on film. Very intensive strategy with minimal movement for what seems like a long time, followed by short, explosions of activity.

Great mental exercise and, interestingly a great way to "know" somebody. ;)