Sunday, September 17, 2006

First entry in viJournal


Sunday, September 17

First entry in viJournal is just a test to see how it works. Downloaded and installed v1.7 into /Applications and wrote the author (Jeremy) an email asking about whether to install to /Applications or ~/Applications for best use on multiple machines by a single person but multiple accounts. Will see what happens as I save this (and how he replies).

A nice thing about this application (viJournal) is that it will automatically post to a weblog space on either LiveJournal or Blogger. So I'll test that too.

One curious coincidence... The programmer of this software is a writer in England, and also a techie. Just after sending the email to him I started on my next task - sorting through Science News posts - and looked at a book review by Ivars Peterson about Scarlett Thomas, a writer in England who has just written a book about crypto and therefore incorporating mathematics. Not much of a coincidence, but there it is.

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